Temporary Capacity Restriction

TCR (Possessions)

In case of planned line closures or capacity restrictions, a TCR (Temporary Capacity Restriction) coordination has been created to reduce the impact of works to a minimum and to find an alternative train path or an alternative route so freight traffic can keep running. The TCR coordination is performed by experts of planning works and export of timetabling to manage the impact.

In the present overview, the infrastructure managers concerned have published the planning status for infrastructure availability restrictions along the related Rail Freight Corridor.

Legal Notice

The published measures constitute a snapshot of the situation at the date of publication and are subject to constant changes.

Please note that the information provided should be used for rough orientation purposes only and may not constitute the basis for any legal claim.

Publication of possessions does not substitute any national law or legislation and RUs/applicants must refer to national network Statements.

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MED RFC_Possessions_2023_2024_2025_July2023_ALL

TCR additional maps related to possessions

# MedRFC_Possessions_2022&2023&2024_(July-2023)_ALL Files


MedRFC_Maps_possessions_FRANCE_ITALY 2023-2025




MedRFC_Maps_possessions_CROATIA 2023-2024 (july 2023)


MedRFC_Maps_possessions_HUNGARY 2023-2024


MedRFC_Maps_possessions TELT Connection in France 2022-2030


MedRFC_Maps_possessions TCR RFI 2023-2024-2025 East part


MedRFC_Maps_possessions TCR SPAIN 2023-2024

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