Traffic Management & Performance

Train Performances

The Train Performance Management, which is foreseen by Regulation 913/2010, is the process to manage the performances of the trains running along the Corridor and of course, it includes the Performance Monitoring, as described in the Train Performance Management Manual of MedRFC.

Performance Monitoring of MedRFC will be organized in two steps:

  • Monitoring of PaPs allocated by C-OSS (Short term objective);
  • Monitoring of selected international freight trains passing through the corridor lines and border.


The Performance Management includes identification of punctuality targets. The ones identified for MED RFC are the following:

  • Punctuality threshold – max 30 minutes at the final destination;
  • At least 60% of the monitored corridor trains should be punctual at the destination point;


Long-term performance objectives are the following:

  • Number of corridor trains per month (to be defined);
  • Length of PaP (km)(to be defined);


Monitoring tools

Trains will be monitored on the basis of information provided by TIS. In case TIS is not fully operational on the corridor especially at the beginning of the implementation of the corridor, MedRFC will use IMs’ internal information systems. This would require regular data, identifying Train on PaPs and all other trains, to be provided to the C-OSS.