We are Hiring!

We are looking for a Project Manager who will report to the Managing Director of the Mediterranean Rail Corridor European Economic Interest Grouping.

He/she will act as Project Manager of the main projects developed by the MED RFC:

  • Quality Circle Operation projects, focusing on border crossing operations at the border points of:
  1. Villa Opicina – Sezana,
  2. Perpignan-Barcelona
  3. Modane-Bardonecchia;
  • Translate for Rail project, focusing on the development of automatic translators to be used to facilitate border crossing operations;
  • Coordination and collection of the data needed to fulfil the obligations under the Grant Agreement, signed with the European Commission in 2022;
  • Performs the role of Secretary of the General Assembly of the EEIG; in this role, in close collaboration with the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the EEIG, organises the meetings of the General Assembly, draws up the minutes of the meetings, prepares and collects the documents to be sent to the members of the General Assembly before the meetings.
  • Supports the MD in coordinating the activities of the Legal Affairs Working Group, the Financial Working Group and the EEIG Coordination Group.
  • Supports the MD in managing the activities and meetings of the Med RFC Advisory Groups (TAG and RAG).


Place of work

Permanent Management Office of the EEIG RFC 6;

Via Ernesto Breda, 28 20126 Milan, Italy


Experience required

More than 3 years of experience relevant to the position; Technological skills

Skills required

Communication and interpersonal skills

  • High motivation to work at peak times;
  • Good problem-solving and communication skills;
  • Excellent coordination and organisational skills;
  • Accuracy, punctuality and reliability in work delivery;
  • Strong attitude for individual and teamwork;
  • Excellent ability to reach set goals;
  • Ability to work in an international environment (GI/AB members, Ministries, Regulatory Bodies, RNE, European Commission and Railway Undertakings).

Knowledge of languages:

  • Fluent Italian (C2);
  • Fluent English (C2);
  • Croatian, French, Hungarian, Slovenian, Spanish (as an advantage);

Use of IT tools

  • Word processing software;
  • Spreadsheet software;
  • Presentation software;
  • Calendar management software;
  • Document management software (PDF, ZIP, HDD, Cloud);
  • Videoconferencing systems;

Those interested in a challenging European experience in the rail transport services sector can send their CVs in ENGLISH to r.zurlo@medrfc.eu by 15.5.2024