2nd Update_ Interruption line Meja and Škrljevo stations on the Zagreb – Rijeka line

The Zagreb – Rijeka line section between Meja and Škrljevo stations is open from 00:01 am on 23 December 2023. HZI Traffic Management team supports the freight RUs waiting somewhere along the railway line to proceed. So, some supportive measures are introduced:

1.       All the passenger traffic between Rijeka and Ogulin will be substituted with bus transport, to increase the flow of freight trains, starting from 23rd December until (predictably) 14th January 2024.

2.       All TCRs on the line between HU/HR State Border – Koprivnica – Zagreb – Rijeka will be canceled after reopening the line (predictably) until 14th January 2024. TCR on the line Križevci – Koprivnica – State Border HR/HU will be canceled starting from 24th December.”