RFCs meeting – sharing best practices

On the 28th of September, the Med RFC organised a fruitful “Best practices sharing” meeting between the Rail Freight Corridor Rhine-Alpine EWIV and ours. We discussed many interesting and challenging topics:
– Capacity allocation evolution and patterns in the last three years 📈
– Train Performance management 🚆
– Dwelling times at BCPs and bottlenecks 📊
– International Contingency Management ⚡
The meeting was hosted by SBB CFF FFS and complemented by the presentation by Marco Corradini of the Ceneri Base Tunnel Infrastructure and the visit to the SBB operation Centre in Pollegio.
We thank all our colleagues for the enriching day and SBB colleagues for their passion and excellent example in planning and managing rail infrastructure projects. These meetings fuel our passion for building a seamless European Rail Freight Network and encourage the #shifttorail.