Quality Circle Operation @ Modane

After a period of freeze, the operations of the Modane Quality Circle Operations restarted from the Gare de Modane on September 30, 2022. We succeeded in meeting in person in Modane hosted by the staff of SNCF Réseau EIC Alpes, who also arranged a very interesting visit to the facility.

This meeting addressed a very important topic, which was considered the first priority according to the list of cross-border issues identified by the participants during previous meetings of the QCO: Temporary Capacity Restrictions.

This is not a usual topic for the QCO, but the situation between the Maurienne valley in France and Val di Susa in Italy is as well an exceptional one.

At this meeting we aimed at gathering all stakeholders to provide a comprehensive and international view of the next year’s TCRs, the resulting discussion was interesting, useful and well participated. The works on this point will continue within the general structure of the Med RFC and in cooperation with the two IMs, SNCF Réseau and Rete Ferroviaria Italiana.

The next step for the QCO will be the starting of a restricted meeting dedicated to the “improvement of parameters limitations”, to understand whether it is possible to overcome some of the limitations of the parameters along this axis and under which operational conditions. This will be managed within a restricted group, plenary meetings will be called only when needed to communicate results.

For further details you can contact us.