Landslide in the Maurienne Valley – Update 02/04/2024

On March 28th, the Mediterranean RFC organised the 16th incident management TelCo after the landslide occurred in the Maurienne Valley (Savoie) on August 27th: 15,000 m³ of rocks fell from the cliff.

During the meeting, SNCF Réseau confirmed that the work is on schedule and that the line will reopen in November 2024, as previously announced.

By now, the work is aimed at securing the cliff area by zone so that work to repair the infrastructure can be carried out safely.

Works already carried out are:

  • September/October 2023: Securing access to the cliff crest, hydraulic purges helicoptered to the central area of ​​the upper part.
  • October/November 2023: Purges were carried out at the summit part by mining and spider excavators.
  • December/January 2024: Reinforcement work on the summit part, unrolling fences, creation of reinforcement anchors 9m long, bars placed using a helicopter.
  • December/February 2024: Unloading of the roof of the gallery and clearing by machinery radio-controlled 20,000m3 of fallen rocks.

Work in progress: Securing the upper part (zones A, B and C), mechanical purges with 3 spider shovels, mining, fences, and anchors.

Upcoming work: Securing the middle part securing zones D, E and F.

For more information, read Lettre d’information #5 – mars/avril 2024 attached

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