Karawanken tunnel is required to reconstruct

Dear customers,

As you know the Karawanken tunnel is required to reconstruct as per the needs of the future rail traffic between Slovenia and Austria.

  • The reconstruction was started on 7 September with a partial closure (between 7 am and 7 pm) up to 4 October.
  • As a second step, there will be a total closure of the tunnel between 05 October 2020 and 4 April 2021 (181 days)
  • In the final stage between 5 April and 10 July 2021, again there will be a partial closure (between 7 am and 7 pm)

These works are necessary to maintain and upgrade the safety, speed and other conditions in the tunnel. As a consequence, the trains will be re-routed via Spielfeld-Strass/Sentilj or via Villach/Tarvisio and Villa Opicina/Sezana, by the IMs concerned.

All of these actions have an impact on the Villa Opicina/Sezana stations, the train volume will be increased, we recommend to you please be careful during this period to be sure than you have the possibility to ensure a good flow at Villa Opicina/Sezana avoiding a too long dwelling time in the this border region, occupying the tracks which can lead to disorganization of production (additional delay, no lane for receiving train,……)

For the best management of this situation a task force has been set up with a goal to take some corrective action for the benefit of all international rail freight traffic running. The IMs and the RFCs are at your disposal for further information and helping for your flows.