Conference-Best practices in supporting Rail Freight in Europe

On February 24th, the Managing director of MedRFC attended the event organized by the French Ministry of Transport dedicated to the “Best practices in supporting rail freight in Europe.” This event was an excellent opportunity to show how significant is the contribution that RFCs can provide to the development of international rail freight flows. RFCs are the European entities where all Rail industry Stakeholders can cooperate on an even playing field to enhance rail transport performance and effectiveness. Collaborative approaches like the cross-border working groups among corridors show concrete results and generate a positive attitude in the stakeholders (e.g., RU, Ports, and Terminals). Meaning that Rail Freight Corridors can act as a facilitator platform for those programs as they connect IMs and RUs and the political stakeholders.

Finally it is important that the EU (CEF call 2021-2027)  supports the Cross-border harmonization projects because these are the actions that could implement the necessary measures to make all the infrastructure investments on the network efficient.